Counselling in BSL

Counselling for the Deaf community.

Counselling is a time we can talk or sign about what’s happening in your life.

There are lots of reasons you might come to counselling. Maybe life is hard right now, you might be feeling anxious or depressed, relationships have ended, or maybe there has been a bereavement which is affecting you. Sometimes people attend counselling because they want to feel happier. We can talk about anything you like.

Counselling is a safe, confidential space for you to explore yourself, your thoughts or feelings. Counselling can help you offload your feelings and help you understand yourself more.

I believe everyone has the opportunity and capacity for positive change, when they are given a safe, supportive place to explore their thoughts, feelings and emotions.


I won’t judge you or give you advice, but we will work together to find solutions to help you feel better. Whatever your communication needs, I will do my best to meet them. We can use BSL, SSE or oral in our sessions together.

Our Sessions

    Counselling sessions are 50-minutes, face to face in Liverpool City Centre or online via Zoom.

    I offer a free 20-minute Facetime for you to ask me any questions about counselling. 

    Sessions are on Thursdays.